89447-13251-angela super


F) In40
A) Am50
S) Rm30
E) In40
R) Rm30
I) In40
P) Am50

Health: 160
Karma: 120
Resources: Ex/Am when in Heaven's good graces
Pop: 30

Known Powers:
Teleportation: Ty, Angela can ride the Flux to teleport herself from place to place and from plane to plane. She can teleport with unlimited range, and she can cross planes.
Body Armor: Ex protection from Physical and Energy
Immortal: CL1000 protection from Aging
Regeneration: In
Recovery: In
Holy Light: Am Illumination, This can Blind for 1-10 turns, and it will also Stun anyone with negative Popularity for 1-10 turns.
Tracking: In ability to track a Hellspawn

Sword: Rm material, Rm Edge
Lance: Mn material, this lance gives Angela the following:
-Lance Head: In Edged or Edged Thrown damage with the head
-Shaft: In Blunt damage with the shaft. Its length lets it hit opponents in adjacent areas.
-Eldritch Bolts: In Energy, up to 5 areas away. This can either do In Force or attack Karma.
Angelic Ribbons: Mn material, these thin ribbons whip around Angela's body. They can block Physical, Energy, and Magic attacks with Ty ability.
Target Pistol: Ex Shooting, 3 areas

Talents: Weapons Specialist: Lance, Marksman, Sharp Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Resist Domination, Martial Arts A, E, Occult Lore, Mystic Background, Leadership

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