Laura Wright

F) EX20
A) RM30
S) EX20
E) RM30
R) IN40
I) MN75
P) EX20 / UN100

Health: 100
Karma: 135 / 215
Resources: EX
Pop: 10

Known Powers:
Resistance to Mental Attacks SH-X
Telepathy RM

Cloak of Darkness
- contains within it a dimension of black magic, with UN Material Strength giving Nightveil the following abilities:
- Psyche Boost - UN
- Immortal
- Flight GD
- Cosmic Awareness MN
- Regeneration GD
- Magical Power Simulation SH-X

Talents: Computers, Cryptology, Demolitions, First Aid, S.C.U.B.A., Stealth, Detective/Espionage, Occult, Guns, Gambling, Etiquette.

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