S.H.I.E.L.D. Issued Mandroid ArmorEdit


Mandroid Armor

F) +1cs
A) +1cs
S) +3cs
E) +2cs

Known Capabilities:
Body Armor: In protection from Physical and Energy attacks.
Weapons: The Mandroid battle suit contains the following weapon systems:
-Neuro-Stunner: In Energy, 1 area
-Tracker/Repeller Fields: Allow the operator to move objects at a range of 3 areas with Rm Strength. May also be used as an Am Intensity personal force field, but no weapons can be fired while the force field is on.
-Laser Torch: Ex with an line of sight range
-Punch-Blasters: Rm Force, 1 area
Sensors: Rm Protected Senses, Infravision out to 3 areas, Rm Radar/Sonar, and a full communications system (including loudspeakers).
Life Support: The wearer can survive on filtered air for two months. In addition, the suit provides Am Resistance to Heat and Radiation.
Remote Control: The battle suit can be programmed to perform specific actions if its wearer is knocked out or incapacitated.
Running: Ty Speed (3 areas per round) for a maximum of 14 minutes.

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